Dell Vostro Bluetooth 355 Vista SP1


I successfully installed Microsoft's Vista Bluetooth drivers followed by installing the Dell Bluetooth drivers.  Previously, I saw many of the issues others had.  Finally, I ran Dell's Diagnostics from the utility CD.  The Bluetooth device was not listed.  I rebooted pressing F2 to enter Setup in BIOS.  Installed devices toward the top correctly identified that the Bluetooth device had been installed.  But when I checked Wireless toward the bottom, Bluetooth had not been enabled and the Switch had not been enabled to include Bluetooth.  I enabled both and exited Setup with a Save.  When I reran Diagnostics from the CD, I found the Bluetooth device under USB devices.

After rebooting Vista with SP1, Microsoft's drivers installed.  These drivers appear under Network devices.  I had to uninstall the Dell Bluetooth drivers and then reinstall them.  These appeared in a Bluetooth device entry and in several USB entries.