Lexus 1999 LX470
Replace Your Headlight Assembly

This is a simple task.

  1. Remove the side marker light assembly
         a. Remove single Philips head screw on the top tab of the assembly.
         b. Standing facing the windshield pull the assembly directly toward you with NO lateral or tilting forces.  I strongly urge use of a suction cup placed directly in line with the lower tab and the tool having a handle or attachment offering control of the direction force applied. I used a windshield suction cup mount for a 7" GPS.  eBay has new small suction tools for less than $5 delivered. The assembly has a vertical rectangular tab tipped with a slight full vertical rounded ridge.  These details are visible in the lower left of picture on right below which shows the side marker assembly rotated 180 degrees to display the assembly back. The straight edge on the left runs vertically along the headlight. The tab is almost at the bottom of the side marker assembly as is the mating female tab holder on the headlight side. See top left of left picture below for the headlight assembly female tab holder. The tab will release as you pull.  Use smooth effort.  The female portion is on the outer bottom portion of the headlight assembly.  Photographs are of the passenger side front marker light and headlight.

    Mating Tab Holder on Headlight Assembly   Side Marker Tab
         c. Carefully manipulate the side marker light assembly from the body paying attention to the top tab.

  2. Loosen the headlight trim
         a. Remove three pop rivets on trim by prying center up and then prying the surround.
         b. Remove the Philips head screw holding the forward trim to the headlight assembly.
         c. Starting at the side-most portion of the trim carefully use a flat blade screwdriver to release the two nipples from their holding sleeve.
         d. The goal is not to remove the trim.  You just need enough give to remove and install the headlight assembly.

  3. Remove the headlight assembly
         a. Disconnect the low beam harness from the bulb and bulb base.
         b. Remove the low beam bulb and set aside.
         c. Remove the high beam bulb assembly and set aside.
         d. Using needle nose pliers, separate the wiring harness from the headlight assembly.
         e. Pry the center of the plastic pop rivet on the fender and remove the plastic surround of the pop rivet.
         f. Identify and remove the three retaining bolts.  One is at the top front.  One is lower left.  One is lower right.
         g. Very carefully manipulate the assembly from the body.

  4. Installation of new assembly
        a. Reverse the above procedures.

  5. Replace side marker bulb
         a. Remove side marker assembly per section "1" above instructions.
         b. With wiring harness connected to the bulb socket, rotate connector and socket counter clockwise then pull to separate from side marker assembly.
         c. Pull 5 W mini wedge clear bulb from socket.
         d. Reverse these procedures to install replacement bulb noting larger key to align socket before locking with clockwise turn. Test new bulb in socket before re-installing assembly.

    Side marker socket and bulb

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