Stock Market Tickers

Dow Jones and Company, Inc. reported in their 1965 edition of Newsbook, A Report in Depth on the Stock Market that E. A. Calahan invented the first stock ticker and it was used until 1883 when it was replaced by one developed by Thomas Edison.  In 1930, a faster unit is reported to have replaced the Edison unit. See photos 1, 2, 3, 4.  Subject to prior sale, you may purchase the unit in the four photographs for $5,000 from me.

There were several manufacturers of pre 1930 stock tickers and they frequently had Western Union labels advising availability of repair service.  Without the roll of paper tape or glass dome, it may be difficult to identify a stock ticker because it looks like a simple mechanical device with a group of metal rods mounted between two heavy metal pieces.  Turn the unit over and you will see two large electromagnets.  The base is about eight inches in diameter and is metal.  A careful inspection will disclose a series of wheels with letters and numbers and inking rollers.  There is also a mechanism to advance the paper from the roll in a measured fashion.  To view a detailed photograph of an old stock ticker click here [200K file.]

You may have a complete stock ticker or a significant portion of one.  Let me know what you have, and I may purchase it from you.

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